About Us


Who We Are

Arra Group is a substantial Indigenous majority, owned managed and controlled company aimed to help and support Indigenous brothers and sisters in Australia. The roots of Arra energy are in Australia where in its technology and business partners are spread across Singapore, India, Iran and China.

Our company is built upon core values of endurance, agility and mutual respect which drives our sustainability model. We endeavour to understand needs to our indigenous and non-indigenous community to align our business strategy. We truly believe in harnessing non-conventional energy resources while integrating them with latest technology to deliver fit for purpose solutions. We are more cost-effective than our competitors because we care for our customers first and deliver quality service within agreed timeframes.

Majority Indigenous owned, managed and operated with a solid team.

Mantra of Arra group

  • Engage and build Indigenous candidates participation in the workforce
  • Work with the private and government sector to meet opportunities to fulfil roles for long term and meaningful employment and careers for Indigenous candidates in blue and white collar roles
  • Help Indigenous communities and people become part of mainstream Australian economy and grow. Proactive steps to close the gap